On this page you can find all the nice things people have said about me in their reviews. Be it my novels or my freelance work, people like what I write.

See for yourself!

Praise for Ideal Angels

“Heart wrenchingly raw”

“Highly readable from a promising author”

“A well-executed story with sparks of brilliance”

“Ideal Angels is stylistically bold, pacy, and provocative”

a glass exploding on a dark background, a book cover

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Praise for Belonging

an unhappy man cradling his knees, a book cover in hardback and on tablet

“Belonging makes you rethink everything you hold dear”

“Belonging…is painful, realistic, funny, touching, political, occasionally unsettling, and more”

“I couldn’t put it down!”

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Customer Reviews

“Robert did the job in double-quick time, and a five-star job at that. He clearly knows what he’s talking about”

“Robert is an excellent beta reader with brilliant recommendations. Definitely will use his service again.”

“Robert’s review definitely exceeded my expectations. It highlighted very clearly what worked and what didn’t work. Also, I appreciate his adaptability and willingness”

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