The Therapy Diaries Chapter 17: You BELONGING with me

Obviously the actual lyric/song title is “you belong with me” but the novel is called Belonging, so I had to shoehorn it in anyway.

What novel is this, I hear you ask? What Belonging? Who Belonging? Why Belonging?

Well, Belonging is my novel! My second novel! And it’s been signed and will be published by SRL Publishing, a small indie press based in Sheffield, the Steeliest of cities.

Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire!

(My wife hates that chant – if you’re reading this darling, and I hope you are, I’m sorry.)

I know I’m a rambler in my blog, but this piece is ridiculous. I just wanted to properly announce my second novel, Belonging.

That’s all this is, an announcement. I have no further details as yet – release date, cover art, release marketing strategy, PR efforts, etc. etc. Nope, all I have is the news that Belonging is a thing, at least it’s a digital file currently, but SRL have kindly agreed to turn that digital file into e-book, paperback, and hardback forms.

And I couldn’t be more excited!

It isn’t a follow up to Ideal Angels, not at all. There are a lot of similar themes, but otherwise it’s totally different. I mean, I guess it’s set in the same universe? But as I write literary fiction, that universe is just the real actual world as we know it. It isn’t some sort of Avengers/Batman/Lord of the Rings universe, but I suppose it is still my own.

Anyway, as I get more details I’ll obviously publish them. And as soon as it’s up for pre-order I’ll let you all know, all one of you reading this, so you can order it.

And then the real fun begins…




In the meantime, please go and buy Ideal Angels if you haven’t already. Thanks.


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